Hands and feet

Duration 35 min

The Ion Cleanse Foot Bath machine provides a full body cleanse of all its vital organs. It helps to reduce menopause symptoms, menstrual cramps, skin problems, acne, and restlessness. Also, to relieve stress, swollen joints, arthritis, allergies, and headaches.

Duration 60 min

It uses an exfoliation of hands and arms with Sea Salt Crystals, followed by the application of a Chocolate Mask, restoring the skin’s soft and nourished qualities.

Duration 60 min

Our unique therapeutic massage chair is specially designed to provide the most relaxing and professional manicure/pedicure experience. Featuring a foot Jacuzzi and a light therapy, it is perfect to relieve tired feet. It includes a deep cleanse of your feet and nails, followed by a salt exfoliation, a cold marine mask, and a hot towel wrap.

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