Spa Packages

2 hours treatment
Shirodhara Ayurveda treatment, Couples massage, Organic chocolate body scrub & Warm chocolate body mask This luxurious and romantic experience takes a holistic approach by promoting total relaxation of body and mind with the couples massage. Let yourself be captivated by the aphrodisiac essence of chocolate with a full body exfoliation. This will leave your skin soft and hydrated. Continuing pampering with a warm chocolate body mask that is rich on vitamin B12 which moisturizes and protects skin from sun exposure. Calm your body and mind trough Shirodhara Ayurvedic treatment, made of a blend with Aromatic medicine plants and seeds. A gentle and continuous aromatic warm stream spreads generously across the front head combine with a scalp massage will melt away all worries and tension promote peaceful mind state.
Full Moon Package
2 hours treatment
Fusion massage, Thai Raw Honey Body Scrub & Rebalancing Facial

Optimize your skin’s natural balance with this rebalancing facial that rejuvenates the skin texture, prevents premature aging and wrinkles. Pamper yourself with this wonderful fusion massage to release muscular tension.

Promotes health and balance to your body.

Indulge your skin with The Thai Raw honey body wrap that provides nutrition to the damaged skin, gives a gentle exfoliation, bring out a radiant and glowing complexion leaving your skin soft and younger. You will experience the sense of well–being complete relax.

Holistic Package
2 hours treatment
Orange body scrub, Nectar seaweed massage & Rejuvenating facial Spoil yourself and relax, while we start an exotic full body orange scrub to remove dead cells from the skin, continuing the relaxing massage with a Golden Nectar-Seaweed treatment. Pamper your senses with a leave on a golden body wrap rich in vitamins. To finish this beauty ritual we perform anti-aging facial that consists collagen mask which has rejuvenating properties recommended to strengthen collagen fibers minimize wrinkles and provide vitality to the skin delivering a beautiful and healthy glow.
90 min treatment
Revitalizing papaya treatment massage, Papaya Oats body wrap in banana leaves & Oriental scalp massage with papaya and yogurt hair Mask

Enjoy a revitalizing massage with natural homemade papaya cream. This Massage involves a combination of different pressures to release muscle pain.

To continue pampering your body, it will be wrapped with banana leaves to help the absorption of all the nutrients of the papaya treatment.

To finish this exotic treatment, you will experience an acupressure scalp massage and hair mask, then with a Vichy Shower, you will be floating of relaxation with the caress of the water in your body.

Papaya and Banana Leaf Package
2 hours treatment
Swedish massage, Traditional Facial & Full Body Sea Salt Exfoliation

Immerse yourself in a deep relaxation with the traditional Swedish massage to relieve body tension and contracture muscles.

Followed by a full body deep, yet gentle, exfoliating treatment with raw organic sea salts, conserves vitamins, minerals, from natural extract, complete the beauty ritual with the traditional facial procedure, continuing with a revitalizing mask rich in vitamins, minerals that are carefully chosen for your skin type.

Finish feeling complete renew, recovering all your body flow, and sense of well-being.

Sunrise Package
2 hours treatment
Sacred Hot stones massage, Marine body mask, Feet reflexology & scalp massage

Cleanse your mind and body with our pampering Sense of the Sea package. Immerse yourself in complete relaxation with our 70 minutes Sacred Stone Massage. Continued with marine mud body mask which detoxifies, re- mineralizes the skin and stimulates circulation. It’s very beneficial for the skin, thanks to their anti-cellulite characteristics and helps to eliminate water retention. Finish this amazing experience with our traditional feet reflexology. This ancient massage promotes health and balance throughout your body with simple pressure on your feet and scalp reflex points.